A Quick Re-Cap - Toisc Limited

If you have been here before you will know that Toisc Limited is about outdoor education and improving the world around us. During December 2015 I finally had a rough outline of all the parts that belonged to Toisc Limited and so redesigned the website to reflect those changes.
You will have notice a new front page with website links to various divisions within Toisc Limited. Some focus on discussion (Latent Lifestyle), while others are focussing on sustainability and the beauty of our world (National Parks Guy).
There is one addition, Crafted Creed Press, the publishing arm of Toisc Limited. As part of encouraging others to be involved with our world I would also like to give people the opportunity to publish or at least help with the publishing of their work.
Having your voice heard today is difficult. I have been spending a vast majority on that side alone, but with a more organised and effective approach there should be a better approach in the future. (Especially for me!)
It is great to have you along and if you can get involved by either spreading the word about one of the apps I built or sending someone to the National Parks Guy website to review a National Park I would appreciate it.
My first book will be published soon too and available for download. So you can check back here in the near future. Otherwise, head over to latent lifestyle and subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive the update to your email box when it arrives.
There you go. This will be a fortnightly update (1st and 3rd Tuesday) to what is going on in the world of Toisc Limited, so watch your social media accounts or check back later.
Keep adding value to our world.