Toisc Limited - Adding Value
Toisc Limited
is a company registered in Scotland, UK and is concerned with the natural world, lifestyle and sustainability.

In 2012 I was working in a school in Scotland as a Secondary School Teacher and realised I wanted to add more to the world than I was in my classroom. I set about finding a name that represented my values and the values of my company and registered Toisc Limited.

Toisc was chosen as the name for the company as it is a Gaelic word meaning "Goodwill" and this is the companies core value. 

Curriculum for Scotland
Over the next year I developed an app for schools called Curriculum for Scotland, working in the evenings and weekends when time permitted. This was to help other teachers out in Scotland with the new curriculum changes that were coming through, and have something easily accessible for everyone.

At the same time I was developing a game for everyone to enjoy that focused on wildlife and nature to bring an awareness of how fragile yet beautiful the world around us is. This had to be shelved for the time being due to a change in school and responsibility.

Toisc Limited really took shape in April 2014 when "Curriculum for Scotland" was launched on the iTunes and Play Store.

In June 2014, there was another change and I went to travel to South Africa and worked with an amazing family on their wildlife farm.

On my return I realised that I needed to build a further app for volunteers and try to match those willing to offer volunteering positions with those who are looking to be more experienced. 

The next months were spent locked in a room trying to work it out and in April 2015 I launched Volific in the iTunes and Play store - almost a year after the first app appeared. However, as life is this app was not a success and was withdrawn in June 2016.

Latent Lifestyle
These were only parts to the whole plan and in July 2015 I started a lifestyle blog where I could share my thoughts on life and the world and engage with an audience from a different perspective. You can read some of those posts here.

National Parks Guy
In October 2015 I started work on National Parks Guy, a website aimed at reviewing all the national parks of the world, with a focus on sustainability. This began to develop into a memory bank of stories for future generations to enjoy. It is an ongoing project and is only possible to continue when time permits. Cataloguing the world's National Parks is ongoing and we are excited with our progress so far.

Crafted Creed Press

Towards the end of November 2015 I launched Crafted Creed Press, the publishing division of Toisc Limited aimed at making publishing of original works easier for those contributing to National Parks Guy and for my own books that I have been writing.

Market Nosh for entrepreneurial Markets Stalls workers, farm stalls and Farmers Markets
At the start to 2016 I decided to revisit the the Curriculum for Excellence app and redesign some of it's features. Then I looked at developing another app based on Local produce and Markets. This prompted the launch of Market Nosh which first launched as an App in the App and Play store. Next I have been developing the website which specifically looks at developing entrepreneurs. but you can read more about it on the Market Nosh page.

Husky Bee Digital - Digital Marketing Consultancy
After much time spent learning about blogging and designing I started a Digital Marketing Consultancy to hone my own skills and to work with others too. Over the course of these past few years I have developed and help others with websites, marketing and pay-per-click and my Consultancy is evidence of that knowledge. It is an exciting time to move on with the consultancy. Learn more about Husky Bee Digital here.

I am always looking forward to the journey that this will take and hope that through it all, I can bring value to our world in which we all live.

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