Toisc Limited - Adding Value

Toisc Limited
is a parent company for different projects that stem from the meaning of the word - Toisc. Toisc means "goodwill" and as a company we aim to bring good will in all the areas we operate.

Maurice Randall is the current director of Toisc Limited and has been involved in the setting up of the various ventures that Toisc is apart. Each sharing in the same philosophy of goodwill to all those that use these services.

Use the links below to navigate to any part of the company to find out more. Each has a specific interest and focus.

Husky Bee Digital
Husky Bee Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency specialising in local business within Scotland and the United Kingdom.

We focus on developing businesses online to support their hard work and make their business more visible to their local clients. Offering many diverse services.
Market Nosh
Market Nosh is a website setup to help Market Stall Owners, Farm Stall Owners and supply general information about Markets.

There is also a customer App that allow locals to post and locate food in their local areas. Helping with the reduction in food waste and supporting local communities.
Curriculum for Excellence
The Curriculum for Excellence App was the first development of Toisc Limited and aimed to support Scottish teachers with an application that would make teaching easier.

Using the Curriculum, the App combines the different levels and works to ensure Teachers can easily plan lessons in line with the Curriculum. 
National Parks Guy
The National Parks Guy Website has the intention of cataloguing all the National Parks of the world. In an age when our land is more precious, so it is important to appreciate it too.

Show casing national parks and sharing stories from them in the hope that they will become beacons for correct management of our planet.
Crafted Creed
Crafted Creed is the publishing arm of Toisc Limited and with one book published, hopes to develop further resources to enable people.

To find out more about how you can also be published here or further information
Latent Lifestyle
Latent Lifestyle is a philosophic approach to life and the discussion of that life therein.

It is updated when time allows and aims to promote the value of living our one life now from an Existentialist view.