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Latent Lifestyle is the musings and philosophical outlook of Maurice. This is a personal look at some of his ideas and thoughts on existence and meaning, with a few organisational tips thrown in.

Teaching Philosophy and Religious Studies led to a wave of questions from pupils and teachers alike about the many issues that we at times think about and consider and at other times take the lead from people who are seen as examples or from our families.

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It has been great to have a place to discuss these ideas, although in a slight vacuum, the possibility to express ideas on the open web has led to many discussions elsewhere.

Latent Lifestyle primarily is about the way one view of our world can be seen and adhered to, that will lead to a happy and fulfilling existence. Now that sounds fluffy, but there is some debate about where, in our current era of scientific exploration, we have also lost the ability to savour the beauty and magnificence of existence itself.

Latent Lifestyle investigates an existential outlook of a sort, and continues to explore the aspects of living life experientially. What we experience in this life continues to mould our beliefs and outlook and each person experiences that differently and reacts to it differently. Amazing then we can share experience at all.

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