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Market Nosh
Market Nosh grew out of the Market Nosh App which was created for users to find Local Fresh Produce near where they lived. To eat healthy and support their local community.
As the App was developed, we realised that we could also help aspiring Stall owners, and help them launch their fledgling businesses right from the Marketplace. Many well known successful businessmen started right at the market stall and learned many of the lessons they employ in big business today.

Dealing with customers, getting over the fright of talking to people, offers, and unhappy customers. It all began right in the market. This face to face contact grew confidence and the abilities of those who are successful in dealing with immediate on the spot decisions and "thinking on your feet".

Farm Markets are becoming very important to our economy. They deal directly with people seeking to support their local farms and businesses and they prove to be a meeting place where information is shared amongst others.

The Best Resource for Surviving the Marketplace

There are experts too with in the marketplace. Offering tips on how to cook their food, or how to wear a product. This is a personal service where the owner knows what they are talking about and offers this information as part of their service to the customer. What better way to do business.

Market Nosh Night MarketHow many times have you been into a giant supermarket only to find that the assistant reads the label from the box to tell you if it is Gluten free. We can all do that, but we ask because we want a quick answer. Market places offer just that personalised service.

Along with great experiences, there is always a food stall, new flavours to try and partnerships to form with other vendors. Networking takes priority within the Marketplace as one stall can promote another. 

Visibility and your ability to change the way you market a product can be seen with immediate effect. This really is the place to learn to do business well.

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