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National Parks are our template for a sustainable future!

National Parks Guy - Our world is a playground
I have always had a passion for wildlife and the great outdoors. There is nothing like sitting in a cabin or walking up a mountain and experience nature. To understand the complexities of our ecosystems and appreciate the biodiversity of our planet, makes these experiences all the more special.

In 2014 I began documenting National Parks around the world. I wanted to share my stories and experiences of being in these nature 'lifeboats' of nature. National Parks Guy was born! Since then I have been adding to the website and building it. 

The goal initially was to catalogue National Parks and if possible, visit them. Today, I add to them when time permits and hopefully soon will be able to list all the National Parks of the world. More importantly though, will be to share a place for our memories of those National Parks.

This will be my greatest achievement. We only have our memories, and those that we share with others live on to provide a light in their futures. I will never forget the experience of seeing a troop of Elephants walk down to the river and cross with nothing more than their trunk out of the water. It still makes me smile that I was able to witness that moment.

It would be a great honour for you to find your local National Park and support it by leaving your experience of that National Park on the National Parks Guy website. 

Visit the National Parks Guy website directly for more information.