Toisc Limited has developed two apps for the mobile environment that can be found on the App Store or the Play store depending on your phone system.  is primarily for Scotland's Teachers called Curriculum for Scotland, and the other is aimed at reducing food waste and supporting the local community: Market Nosh #eatrightonight.

Curriculum for Scotland

As a qualified Secondary Teacher I felt the need to be able to access the Curriculum for Excellence when I was planning or discussing my departments E's and O's. I couldn't carry the huge folder around with me, nor was it appropriate to use photo copied information as it used up valuable school supplies and took up further space in my bag. So I built a simple application that would aid in storing my E's and O's for all departments, easily accessible and relevant in any meeting or group I was attending. I could even use it at parents night to show parents how E's and O's related to other departments and inter-related with my own.
Curriculum for Scotland is a paid app and I hope it benefits you too.

You can find Curriculum for Scotland on the App store (iPhone users) and Play Store (Android Users).

Market Nosh

Market Nosh App
The Market Nosh App, designed to reduce food waste and improve the profile of Farmers Markets and Farm Stalls. To eat healthy we need to find fresh food and it has to be local if possible. In order to reduce carbon emissions from the long transport costs to another country and to support our local communities. Market Nosh aims to provide a place for local people to find fresh local produce where ever they are.
There is also the possibility to place your own surplus from your allotment to either donate or charge for. Lets #eatrighttonight and source local fresh produce today.

You can find Market Nosh App on the App Store (iPhone users) and Play Store (Android Users).

If you have any questions regarding these apps, please contact us.