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Curriculum for Scotland was my first try at building an app.  I was a school teacher and came home at night time to start building what is really a very simple representation of an app.  So if you are looking at it and thinking that it looks very basic - it is!  There is a consolation though...

While trying to use the Curriculum for Excellence at school I found it to be cumbersome and time consuming to keep a hold of it.  So I tried in the first instance to reduce its size by looking at my own curricular area.  This didn't help at all as in joint meetings with other Principle Teachers we would endeavour to make "appropriate" links with other departments only to find that we needed the materials in the very large binder.  
So I created this App for the purposes of making things quick and easy.  I could link to different levels and see what was going on with other departments, reference items and make another of my teaching days a little smoother.
I know we are moving onto the more detailed and dare I say it, "confusing", nature of the Nationals, but there will always be a need to refer back to the E's and O's when making adjustments within the Primary setting and the secondary course reviews.
I am also very pleased to see how university students are using the app to inform their own teaching and learning within the classroom and I hope you will certainly find it useful to use.
The App covers all the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes and definitions found within the "Big Green Folder"!  I really hope this will be of use to you and your work and continue to make life a little easier.

If you have the time to pass this app onto other fellow students or teachers or need a parent to see the Curriculum for Excellence quick and easily, then could I ask you to please mention it.  It would be very much appreciated.  If you have any questions or suggestions please write me an email or tweet me a message on the left.

You can find the app on the Play Store and the App Store directly from the links above.


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